New 2020 Designs from Chris Vargas!


How to do outreach queer and trans anti-militarism in your communities:

  • Identify queer/trans events or spaces where you can do outreach (LGBT film festivals, picnics, sports events, pride events, youth events, beaches, bars, comedy events)
  • Form a team of people who want to do outreach with you
  • Have a meeting where you talk about why you want to do this together, logistics, maybe role-play conversations you might have while doing outreach
  • Make a sign up sheet for outreach at upcoming events, aiming to have people do outreach at least in groups of two
  • Print out stickers, posters, t-shirts, or whatever you want to use (below, or design your own!)
  • Go out and meet people and give away cute stuff!!

Posters You Can Print!

Mones Not Drones by JB Brager



We Like Our Queer Out of Uniform by JB Brager



Trans Liberation Not US Invasion by Micah Bazant

Contact a local print shop and print your own to distribute! Use the linked pdf right above this text to print the high resolution version. Or, if you prefer to order prints individually, you can do so on Micah’s site.



Frequently Asked Questions Sheet about Why We Are Doing This, aka Queer/Trans Anti-Militarism 101

The Myths and Truths about Joining the Military


Use these designs to print your own, or make up new designs.

New Sticker Designs from Chris Vargas:

_ Police_Out_Of_Pride_site_ Queers_Say_No_ICE_website_red_ Trans_Lib_5_site

Our 2018 Sticker Designs–Still Awesome!:


Button Design

Mones Not Drones by JB Brager

T-Shirt Design

You can print your own t-shirts to wear while doing outreach. Here is one T-shirt design, with text for front and back. We silk screened ours by hands with friends, but you can also get them printed from local shops or online.



Wheatpasting Designs

Wheatpasting posters all over town is a great way to spread the message. Here are black and white versions of Chris Vargas’ designs so that you can print them cheaply on a copy machine and wheatpaste them. Here are some wheatpasting instructions.


Further Reading

On the Problems with Queer and Trans Military Inclusion

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