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Doesn’t military service enable trans people to get health care who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it?

You shouldn’t have to join the military to get health care. Right now, we can all be fighting for low- and no-cost trans health care in our communities. We can be raising money to help trans people practice self-determination about their bodies and well-being. Together, we can fight a military budget that takes vital resources away from health, education, and housing.

Isn’t military service a way for people of color and poor people to get ahead in the US?

Many people who are made vulnerable by an unjust economy and who live in communities with under-resourced schools are recruited to join the military by the promise of a free college education. No one should have to risk their lives and undergo the horrific trauma of imperialist warfare, in order to go to college. The fact that the US military exploits people who are desperate to get an education is one of the many reasons that we should come together to dismantle US militarism and to fight for wealth redistribution and economic justice.

Aren’t you blaming people who join the military?

We are part of international anti-war, anti-militarism, and anti-imperialism movements, which include veterans of the US military and people targeted by the US military, as well as currently enlisted people who oppose war and militarism. Rather than focusing on judging people’s individual choices, we come together as queer and trans people to uplift our communities’ histories of opposing war and to build shared solutions for real peace, security, and justice.

dont ask to fight their wars

Image by Chris Vargas.