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A bomb dropped by a queer or trans soldier still kills

Why are we doing anti-war and anti-military recruitment outreach at queer and trans events?

For a long time, mainstream media, in support of lesbian and gay inclusion in the US military, have pushed a narrative of proud LGBT military service. These stories, often profiling LGBT people who are happy to be serving in the military, celebrate US service as a great job and a way to “protect our country.” This pro-military discourse has only ramped up following Trump’s transphobic tweets in fall 2017.

We are queer and trans people who oppose not only homophobia and transphobia but also war, militarism, and US imperialism. We want to disrupt a conversation that seeks to co-opt our liberation struggles into pro-war, pro-military propaganda.

Here’s the truth:

Queer Trans War Ban Toolkit

This site is a toolkit for doing outreach at events in your community to build queer/trans anti-war resistance, and to counter military recruitment efforts. Print stickers, posters and flyers to hand out! Print t-shirts to wear!

Pride festivals can be good outreach opportunities, but can also (depending on location) be overwhelming with so many people giving things out, and with tables and booths being rented for high prices. Consider doing this outreach at other events too, like LGBT film festivals, picnics, sports events, and other gatherings. We have found it helpful to create a sign-up sheet so that people can go in pairs to do outreach at various events. It can be useful to have some meetings beforehand and practice the conversations you might have with people you meet while doing the outreach.